Keaton Beach Florida

Keaton Beach Fl is a small town located in the pan handle of Florida. Keaton beach Fl sits on the gulf coat of north west fl and is a scalloping paradise. Just out side of Perry fl or one hour from Tallahassee it located in a central location for all to have fun. On the gulf A few miles south of Keaton beach marina out in the water is a favorite picnic place called Grassy key.After a long day collecting these great nuggets from the salt water a stop at Grassy key is a must for the kids and a picnic. Fishing for trout or redfish are also a good way to spend a day in Keaton Beach. Many people from out of state have found this place of paradise so find your’s.

Everglades city Florida

Everglades city airboat tours
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Everglades city Florida found at the very tip of mainland Florida. A place different form most enveloped by a tropical forest of mangroves. Deep in the Everglades swamp’s of evergreen on the coast of the gulf of Mexico.This tropical paradise full of birds of many species of mammal’s. Reptiles of species such as American Alligator and snakes are also abundant in the grassland. Everglades city Florida is a great starting place to go fishing for the day and great stop for learning about the Eco-system in the area.So if your looking for the next big adventure Everglades city is a good place to look for the trip of a life time.

Fort Myers Dentist from Everglades

Fort Myers fl dentist Raymond Lefort is one of the families in south Florida with ties to the Everglades city. Born and raised in Ft Myers fl then he then left for school to become a dentist. As most doctors travel on to new places DR Ray returned to the Fort Myers area to live and apply what he learned. Now located on McGregor Blvd he has set up shop for cleaning teeth,repairing cavities and making smiles look great with caps or crowns. these are just some of the services offered by Dr Ray in Fort Myers on McGregor Blvd. to find Dr Raymond Lefort in Fort Myers .

Tap in to the Everglades

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Travel to south Florida and the Everglades is a must do on most peoples bucket list. Orlando’s Walt Disney world is one stop most travelers make on the way south. Tampa or st Peat for the white sand beaches is next on the list for most Florida travelers. After getting there fill of beach sun and the crowd’s it time to head on south to Ft Myers – Naples fl for a slower pace. While in Naples dolphin tours – jet ski’s or the nature centers are great places to spend the day’s. But one of the best days spent seem’s to be travel to Everglades city for a day. Everglades city has many things to do such as airboat tours in the Everglades or seafood on the water looking at the Barron river. Ted Smallwoods old store from the 1800′s is a good place to spend time looking back in to history.

Tap in to the Everglades